Friday, October 06, 2006

In the Internet Cafe

Yeah, I'm Bored... not doing anything, so i decided to come here... the computer's busted... again. so here's a recap pf the whole week

people were alreay thinking about the boy-girl interaction the following day... because they already posted the partners... and everyone was asking who my partner was... and i was confused whether we were trying to make me scared or whatever feeling you have...

Boy-girl interaction day... we spent only 2 periods of lecture then the rest was for decorating... the guys arrived around 12:45 or 1... so we scrapped out a lot of games. Now about my partner... hmm... he was really good-looking, he can sing (the song stacy's mom), and really cool... it was fun because he was trying to make me laugh... and I, in return, was really gullable... anyway, back to reality... and he's by the way courting my class mate... good for him...

everyone was hung-over with the day before and everyine the whole time was telling me how lucky i was too have a partner like him... (incase you know i haven't told you his name. he doesn't know i have a blog)... on the other hand... I wasn't that social with them (btw someone give me his YM)

everyone was singing stacy's mom all afternoon... had an MQT in english..

it was AK day!!! very tired right now... going to upload AK pics tomorrow... cause the computer is busted...

gtg, see you next week


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