Sunday, September 24, 2006

Look what time it is

yeah, it's about 4:22 in the morning, Monday morning to be exact. I just finish typing my article on Global warming (I'm that lazy that I did it until the last minute... i promise it's never going to happen again). My parents and I waited of about three hours while my sister had this facial thing... so the whole day i tried to look for a really cheap MP4 or an Ipod video, for Christmas and at the same time i was writing down my article and Chapter 9 of my story. It took me an hour before i really got bored, then i went and played some arcade games (whis is so cool because Galleria has 3 arcades) until I finished half of my money. then i went inside Toys R Us and played more video games... yeah, i was like being at home... except the part were you lose half of your savings from last week. I saw some of my batchmates in church, and i was really... weird, because i usually see 2 of my batchmates but not 5. any gtg... i'll updating a lot later since we'r going to be dismissed early...


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