Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bored on my mind

A LOT of homework and our batch is going to have a test in Biology tomorrow. But I remembered that yesterday was our Recollection, and it was really fun, I was with Angelette and we talked about a lot of stuff... But it was kindda creepy when we had to share what we felt about ourselves, who are they our shrinks?!?!?!. anyway, I have to make this short...
I Love the way you smile, and how it lights up my day knowing that you had a great morning and pleasant afternoon ahead, even with everything piling up infront of you... It makes me think that I should do my best even though your not there to see it. Small talks and Hellos that make my heart melt in the face of all these difficulties... all these thing i couldn't talk about for a very long time... but it will all be over soon, because that's how it's suppose to be.....


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