Saturday, September 09, 2006

Thank GOD!!!

If your wondering why that's my entries title it's because finally our dsl is fixed.. kindda slow but it's fixed...

a lot of things happened this week, except for the dsl being busted and all that crap... I was able to talk to Faith, last tuesday afternoon, when i was walking her home... Do you know that feeling you get when you actually talk about things that has happened in your life? I mean besides your shrink or parents or even your siblings for that matter. Well we started talking, generally about what has been going on with our lives, especially about what had happened earlier this year, and btw i'm still a bit confused about what had happened... and I have to ask why. Anyway, for 30 minutes we just talked. And it was fun... Then I met Kat's bestfriend, Manhe (pronunciation, the Filipino word for Nuts as in the food). She's ok kind of a let down, when she started talking, in other words... Conio. But she made me laugh, and she allowed me to borrow her Cellphone so i was trying to text people and ask them who was life going, really I NEED a Phone!!. Hopefully, if the ratings are high, I could a new one and my Ipod video...

Anyway gtg... I'll leave you with some pictures of BONES season 2


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