Friday, September 01, 2006

I got a chance to talk to my prayer sister Lara today, actually i'm still talking to her now, i miss actually seeing her every day sitting behind me on our way to school, talking to ate micah about Good charlotte, Greenday, or even One tree hill. the last time i remembered seeing her was on the last day of school, march 2006. So Lara if you're reading this right now, you owe me one for your recent pictures. Even if you send it to me Via email.

The basketball club was held outside of the multi today, they had to set up fpr report card day. Ms. Nen told us to work on our passing and that we had to remember everyone's name in 20 seconds or else you have to do 10 push-ups. Good think i remebered almost all their names and i didn't do any push-up. but my goal this week is to imporve on my over-head pass lay-ups and dribbles ( isn't that a lot?. Yeah)
Btw, today i failed my math quiz, and did better on my bio. My goal in school now is to do homework... Man this sucks...

Any gtg...


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