Thursday, September 21, 2006

When was there i time i really got confused on what i'm doing... actually i'm really confused right now... i don't know what do... the only thing keeping me in line is the pile of problems that i'm faced with... yeah yesterday was fine but now today's really a mess, and It's all becausethe things i am doing is crap... i guess... Or I don't have any inspiration to actually do my work(that's what my friends told me)... And maybe that's the best way to say how my i suck at everything right now... because come on compaired to my sister... I pretty much suck a everything... and this is really giving me really low self-esteem by the way... (Yeah it's better for you guys who hate me so much)... yeah. I'm just going to bash on myself because other people really do want to show how much they hate me... so go ahead... hit me, i won't even try blocking myself...


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