Saturday, September 23, 2006

Friday morning to Saturday night


the Highlight of the Whole day was that Komu won First place in the Eco- Songfest, giving our school 30 points ( what a dork am i, right?. I actually listened to what Sir Vince was talking about) bring our School's points to to a Total of:... 30 points. Isn't that sad?, San Agustin won the Overall Championship Trophy thing. Anyway, the Best part about it was that Our school was the First ones to come out behind- the- curtain (Figuratively speaking). So Maybe being the First in the Competion was plus for the Komu members. I actually thought they were going to be beaten by School#7( I don't know what school it was really), but in the middle of the song someone from stage left (And I saw this with my own 2 eyes) Fixed her shirt ( Wow, wasn't that an amazing finding)... It's just that Ms. Miranda and Ms. Dulce always told us that you can't fix your shirt or hair, or anything for that matter when your singing on stage, even if there's a bug on your nose, because everyone would see that one move you make... Did you know that the Glee Club members, i mean a couple of years back, were also joining in contests. The Last time they joined as around the 1998 or somewhere around that timeline, my sister was in the Glee Club then, and I was in Prep or First Grade. They had an Outstanding Performance, but they were up against some Public school choir teams. Long Story short, the judges gave the first prize to the Public School students because they felt sorry for them instead of our Glee Club members and Ms. Dulce was traumatized until now... I actually remebered it until this day... it's really creepy...


hmm... it was raining. That was the only highlight... I only did my Algeb HW instead of the article on Global Warming, in which case i should be starting by now... my parents including my sister wasn't home. I was texting Kuya Mac (there's a foreign exchange student from Australia, who's going to stay with them this next 2 weeks, and I dared Kuya to let him eat some balot or something authentically Filipino, then tell him what is it made of) and Angie.


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