Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wednesday night

Algebra Homework, Stat quiz, English MQT... I was trying to manage my time doing it in one night. Then from out for nowhere my mom said "No classes tomorrow"... sad day, it was about 7pm. They confirmined it about 2 hours ago... crap. I just went down to drain. I was about to start my Algeb Homework ( and it was the last one i was going to do). I said screw-it, there's still tomorrow, but i end up finishing it at around 10pm before they cut the cable to the night ( they were scared that the cables would be hit by lightning or something). Anyway, I just here waiting for a text messege, and i'm getting bored...

Grudge 2 Promo picture (out in theatres is October:)
Sarah Michelle Gellar


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