Sunday, June 22, 2008

My favorite shows... watched & reviewed

Well... it time for our TVs to rest as each of our favorite shows go on hiatus for the summer... Like most of you guys i'm excited for the return of my favorites shows... and to see how the next season differs from the other... so... these are my opinions about the season finales of BONES, CHUCK (sorry... i know it ended in January... but i wanted to add it since its getting a second season ),and How I met Your Mother

First of is BONES... and like what Cam said... I didn't see that one coming... Like most of you loyal BONES fans... it was hard to see that our little Zach-aronni was going to spend sometime in a psychiatric ward for killing the Lobbyist for his "Master" Gormogon... didn't even know Zach was a weak Character... MAybe a little innocent but not a weak Character... WE didn't even find out why he was sent back from Iraq... we just got the jist of his reason in the first Episode of the third season... but there were still good scenes during this episode... like the bathtub scene... and when Brennan attended Booth's "funeral"... I just can't wait for the new scripts next season... I hope they clear up all of our burning curiousities...

THINGS to look forward to in the 4th Season of BONES:

1. the two-hour season premiere... In London (hopefully... Keep your fingers crossed)
2. Kathy Reichs writes an episode for the show
3. The Gravedigger returns
4. For the looks of it... there might be some Foreshadowing in the season (I just read it from one of Mr. Hart Hanson's interview)
5. We meet Booth's family
6. There might be episodes that are going be directed by... Caleb Deschanel... and hopefully David Boreanaz
7. Hodgins and Angela's Wedding (it will push through this time)
8. What's going to happen with Zack
9. Dr. Goodman (?)

i'll keep checking back on this list when the next season begins... do you think Sully should come back?

Now... Moving on to Chuck... I think i'm actually one of those people who jumped on this "Chuck wagon" when the season was over... I have to admit i just finished downloading and watching this show... this week... don't worry I payed for it... i think... the season finale was a bit like just one of the regular episodeswe watched every week... Chuck having his personal life being interferred by the spy life he never wanted to have... I'm just glad that this show had another season... this time they could actually doing something with the show... Even if NBC just gave it 13 episodes...

THINGS to look forward to in the 2nd Season of CHUCK:

1. Ellie and Captain Awesome getting married
2. If Chuck and Sara are going to a REAL date (without any problems this time)
3. Chuck being sent off to that secure-facility the CIA is talking about... (if he survives or not)
4. What is Casey going to do once the new intersect is up?
5. FULCRUM (?)

that's all i have so far... Hmm... whats next?... How I met Your Mother anyone(?)... again we were treated with one of the HIMYM season finale cliffhangers... this time with that big question... IS STELLA THE MOTHER!?!... I'm not even going to justify this question with an answer... I guess we all have a clue on what the answer might be... But did you guys see how Barney looked at Robin?... I personally do not want to picture Barney settling-down with any girl... but we should see how the writers are going to that story-line... maybe we'll like it...

THINGS to look forward to in the 4th season of HIMYM:

1. Is Barney going to hook-up with Robin ( I'm going to give this story-line a chance... even if i don't want this to happen)
2. Since this show is based on a lot of foreshadowing... when/why is Robin going to live in ted's apartment?
3. who is the mother?... i thought we were going meet here last season?!?... hmm...

... let's see if we get at least one thing in this crazy list i made...

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