Sunday, April 01, 2007

I'm out...cold

school= Waking up early in the morning, learning things you know you won't be needing in the real world (e.g. Algebra, Stat, and history), then going home then surf the internet because of too much homework or the lack of it... then go to sleep or not

vacation= Waking up late, learning things you would be needing in the real world (e.g. making a movie and posting it on every site you want to put it on), play videos games until you cant see the TV screen, then sleeping at 4 in the morning...

Which ones better? i think i'll go with vacation... FOREVER!... at least you could do these things for fun... or again for the lack of it... or better yet get into those programs during the summer so that we don't sit around all day eating chips for lunch...

I don't know whqat i'm talking about



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