Thursday, November 23, 2006

what a great week to get sick

I missed school today... damn... and tomorrow is our fair... there's this crazy flu going around the class... and i got it... and i'm getting a bit tired...

3 weeks ago:
I went to a friend's house because it was her birthday... to my stupidity while we were playing basketball i fell into a ditch (aka gutter) so i have a big bump on my right leg... btw, it was the weekend before school starts again... so for the next two days i was trying to walk properly... with the occassional scream of pain being heard around my house.

2 weeks ago:
So I went to school... and i just wished i stayed home or even bought crutches because it takes me 8 minutes to climb up the stairs... and it's really hard to go from the MPB to the HS building... So the was a Mass and that friday was the math camp and the whole day i was able to borrow crutches from a friend so i could walk around faster... and it did work... that saturday Patrob and I went to SMC, because she wanted to train for TKD... after that we watched the Grudge 2 and i kept scare-ing the living daylights out of her ( when it was already 9 pm)

Last week:
this is where my stupidity kicks in... that saturday we went to SMC again... and i actually trained with them because my right leg only had a bruise, not a bump... but after training my bruise suddenly became a bump again!... so i was limping around the mall... accidentally dropped some popcorn before watching Casino Royale with patrob again...

Anyway... got to go...


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